SofarSolar Officially Launches New 3-6KW Power Storage and Hybrid Converter

The Solar Group subsidiary SofarSolar has recently launched their new hybrid inverters. This new series of products is said to use only the latest energy-saving inverter technology and makes use of what’s known as the “black technology” of SofarSolar.

Its launch has already greatly enriched existing product lines of the company and has enabled a solid foundation to be established for the subsidiary’s eventual international layout.

SofarSolar is aiming to establish a firm presence throughout the international storage market, which will come as a result of a comprehensive industry layout and company expansion.

This appearance is one of the first elements of a new product range that draws the attention of potential consumers. This new line of technology boasts a milky-white design featuring a simple, smooth, rounded shape, complete with a fully functional LCD interface display.

The all-aluminum body with one-time die-casting and rounded edges presents a different surface texture and showcases its generous craftsmanship. The products have been developed to provide the most convenient operating experience for users – which is why the built-in LCD is such a notable inclusion of the latest range.

The full imported internal components of the products provide only the utmost professional quality and ensure great product lifespan.  Likewise, its rational design has been constructed to reduce any losses. As the inverters use the heat source layout to decentralize the overall design, this allows the technology to improve its general heat dissipation and adds further thermal pasting.

To provide consumers a sense of comfort, all the products also come with an IP65 protection level, with free choice of installation to make their experience even easier.

Not only does the new hybrid inverter line from SofarSolar have an elegant appearance with a functional design, but it also makes use of the latest leading industry technologies. The new hybrids use what’s known as “black technology” – something that SofarSolar has a reputation for specializing in.

This technology consists of things such as: off-grid and grid-connected systems with flexible switching, advanced battery management, two-way flow control of electric energy, sound and light alarms, MPPT tracking and I/V curve scanning, and remote intelligent monitoring.

This latest hybrid inverter also uses the most advanced storage inverter technology that SofarSolar offers. It’s another notable breakthrough achievement for the extensive Solar Group subsidiary in regards to the market’s product research and development. Overall, SofarSolar has now secured their place as being the industry’s leading company for each and every one of their product niches.

With such a great reputation and such a big name on the line, SofarSolar makes it their responsibility to ensure the stability, efficiency, and reliability of every single one of its products. To be able to do this, the company strictly controls and monitors the production and development of the various product lines. They also carry out industry tests and ensure the standards of the components used within the machinery to consolidate stability.

What Can the Hybrid Inverter Be Used For?

The latest hybrid inverter can be easily combined with a number of different existing systems depending on what needs the consumer are looking to meet. The range can be combined with the following: the photovoltaic off-grid system, off-grid energy system, photovoltaic grid-connected energy storage system, micro-grid energy storage system, and more. All of these systems can be found within industrial and industrial-intensive factories, which makes the hybrid inverter the perfect fit for the industrial sector.

The price of self-use electricity is much more expensive than that of the offered internet technology, and so the peak price is also much higher than that of the wave price. This is just one of the reasons as to why the hybrid inverters are so beneficial – along with providing the leading technology, they’re also going to save consumers money.

SofarSolar is currently focused on increasing its core technology R&D investment in grid-connected inverters, energy storage inverters, and its charging pile. With this in mind, they aim to improve the competitive advantages of their core product range, and provide further valuable service to their customer base. Their sole aim has always been having the company established as a trusted partner, and it’s well on its way.

The New Hybrid Inverters:

  • Offer high-yield technology
  • Real-time, precise MPPT algorithm for maximum power generation
  • Wide input voltage operation range
  • Independent dual MPPT tracking with flexible solar roof system design
  • Safety and reliability
  • High efficiency with low energy loss
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • High frequency isolation between battery and PV grid
  • Advanced battery management technology to prolong and protect battery life
  • Easier operation
  • Free site placement selection due to IP65
  • Modern, easy-to-read 4-inch LCD display
  • Easy remote phone and web monitoring
  • Numerous working modes selection: auto, time-of use, timing, passive, etc.
  • PV & storage all in one, which increases self-consumption to 80%+, decreases electrical grid reliability, and reduces costs
  • Stand-alone mode available and ensures safe operation of energy loads
  • Intelligent grid management
  • Reactive power capability
  • Limits AC output when grid frequency is out of normal ranges
  • Limits AC output when grid voltage is out of normal ranges
  • Optional built-in zero export function