Sungrow Enters Utility Market and Triples Product Portfolio in Australia

Sungrow Power announced that it is now shipping products from its utility and large scale commercial range into Australia, a decision that will triple the size of its product portfolio in the country.

As the largest combined product launch in the company’s history in Australia, this especially promises to increase competition in the hotly contested markets of commercial and utility solar. This places Sungrow in direct competition for commercial projects with SMA, Fronius and ABB, and SMA, Ingeteam and Schneider for utility projects. The expansion now also allows Sungrow to access every market for solar in Australia for both solar and batteries, something no single manufacturer has been able to achieve. Also, Sungrow is the only manufacturer in the world that offers both utility scale string and central inverters, which is a distinct advantage.

“This is a landmark announcement for Sungrow here in Australia,” said Benson Jiao, Managing Director of Sungrow Australia. “Our entry into commercial and utility solar is a strategic decision to provide these markets with greater choice and value over the life of these investments. We believe Sungrow’s strong record of quality and reliability will be well received in these markets as it has been in residential.”

Sungrow’s nine new products being launched this month include:

Category       Product       Features



3.4MW Utility Inverter & Transformer, 20ft container

  • 6.8 MW block design
  • DC 1500V, low system cost
  • Max inverter efficiency 99%
  • Max DC/AC ratio up to 1.5
  • Night Static Var Generator function
  • Modular design, easy for maintenance



125kW HV Virtual Central Inverter

  • DC 1500V, low system initial investment
  • Virtual central concept, easy for O&M
  • 1 to 5 MW power block design
  • Max DC/AC ratio up to 1.5



NextGen 5kW, 10kW, 15kW, 20kW 3-phase String Inverters

  • Max efficiency 98.6%, EU efficiency 98.3%
  • 1.1 overload capacity, 10% more yield under high irradiance
  • Plug and play design, easy installation
  • PV string i/v scan function for fault finding



75kW Energy Storage Inverter

  • Compact design and light weight for easier installation and maintenance
  • Scalable system configuration up to megawatt
  • Compatible with high voltage battery system, low system cost



NextGen 6kW and 8kW dual MPPT string inverters

  • Max efficiency 98.4%, EU efficiency 98.0%
  • 1.3 overload capacity, 10% more yield under high irradiance
  • Plug and play design, easy installation

Australian installers will benefit from Sungrow’s local support, delivered through their team of around 18 staff, among the largest local presence of all inverter manufacturers. Uniquely, the company also boasts a local network of service and repairs depots around Australia.