Nuvve Corporation partners with EDF Group to Accelerate Electric Mobility Plan

Nuvve Corporation and EDF Group entered into a strategic partnership that will leverage Nuvve’s expertise in vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technologies in support of EDF Group’s Electric Mobility Plan on “smart charging.”

The Electric Mobility Plan is EDF’s third initiative in support of the energy transition, with the goal of becoming the leading electricity supplier for electric vehicles by 2022, the leading charging network operation, as well as to extend EDF’s leadership in “smart charging.”

Nuvve Corporation specializes in the aggregation and harnessing of flexible solutions for energy markets associated with the charging of electric vehicles. The company aims to lower the cost of EV ownership while supporting the integration of renewable energy sources like solar and wind. Together, Nuvve and EDF Group have become strategic partners with a view to developing a joint venture to further develop EV and V2G solutions for the European market to support the generation of low carbon power and the advancement of new electricity applications.

“Nuvve is proud to enter into this strategic partnership with EDF Group to support their Electric Mobility Plan, as their initiative to create cleaner, safer energy solutions aligns with our corporate mission,” said Gregory Poilasne, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Nuvve. “Given the transportation sector is the largest contributor of greenhouse-gas emissions in Europe, we believe this partnership and the Electric Mobility Plan will increase the rate in which EVs and V2G technologies are adopted globally and will play a huge role in providing a solution to this challenge.”

The Electric Mobility Plan will accelerate progress by setting concrete targets on its four main European markets, including:

  • Becoming the leading power supplier for electric vehicles by 2022: EDF is aiming to supply power for 600,000 electric vehicles, equating to 30 percent of market share in France, the UK, Italy and Belgium.
  • Becoming the biggest charging network operator: EDF will become the leading public and private charging network operator in the four core European countries (France, UK, Italy and Belgium).
  • Becoming Europe’s “smart charging” leader: Electric mobility will transform power systems as the electric vehicle is also a battery that can be used for the grids to balance load during periods of high demand. With its Electric Mobility Plan, the Group will become Europe’s smart charging leader, leveraging Nuvve’s bi-directional charging solutions, aiming to operate 4,000 smart charging points by 2020.

“Already an established leader and pioneer of electric mobility, the EDF Group is stepping up the pace with the Electric Mobility Plan,” said Jean-Bernard Levy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, EDF. “Thanks to its low-carbon energy mix, EDF will substantially contribute to the fight against global warming by supporting municipalities, businesses and residential customers with the development of clean mobility everywhere and for everyone. Forming strategic partnerships with innovative companies like Nuvve will be critical to the success of our Electric Mobility Plan by enabling large-scale roll-out of the world’s leading electric mobility technologies to support our customers.”