Govt. to make EV charging stations in buildings, parking lots mandatory

The government has reportedly proposed to amend building by-laws to make it mandatory to set up EV charging stations in residential and commercial buildings and parking lots.

As per the proposal round the-clock charging infrastructure facility will be available to all electric vehicles in residential buildings, charging bays at 20% capacity of all vehicles will be set up, on-spot metering and payment services in both commercial and residential buildings said a government official to ET. The proposal also includes increasing electricity load for all buildings. India plans to shift one-third of its vehicle base to electric fleet by 2030.

The publication citing the official reports that Town and Country Planning Organization has prepared a draft enabling guidelines for EV charging infrastructure, based on which governments shall amend their building by-laws and master plan regulations. These will be applicable to residential, institutional buildings, multi-level parking complexes, bus terminals and service stations.

The government is considering amendments to Urban and Regional Development Plans Formulation and Implementation Guidelines, 2015 and Model Building By-Laws, 2016 to accommodate promotion of electric vehicles in infrastructure planning and power distribution services norms,” said the official.