Farmers in UP to get subsidized solar pumps from state government for irrigation

Uttar Pradesh Agriculture minister, Surya Pratap Shahi has reportedly said that the state government will give subsidy up to 70% for solar pumps to the farmers for irrigation purpose under a scheme.

According to ET under the solar pump voltaic irrigation pump scheme 10,000 units will be given to farmers at a subsidised rate during 2018-19 on the basis of first come first serve basis.

The publication further states that financial assistance for DC pumps having capacity of up to 2 HP (horse power) is fixed at Rs 50,820 and Rs 80,996 for pumps having capacity between 2-5 HP. In case of AC pumps, the government will give subsidy of Rs 51,840 for pumps with power of up to 2 HP and Rs 77,700 on pumps with power between 2-5 HP.

Shashi speaking to the publication said “Farmers will have to register on the portal of the agriculture department by submitting bank draft bearing their share amount between November 15 to December 10 next and thus get the benefit of first come-first serve system of the scheme.”

Farmers with land holding of 10-15 acres are expected to go for 5 HP pumps for which the subsidy is 40%, while small and marginal farmers are expected to take 70% subsidy on 2-3 HP solar pumps.