Statcon Energiaa – leading India in rooftop solar inverters

Statcon Energiaa has played a major role to become the no. 1 Indian manufacturer company in the solar inverter manufacturing sector by supplying 2.9% (34 MW) rooftop solar inverters in India’s rural and urban areas, according to Bridge to India report which provides a snapshot of capacity addition trends across the country.

Statcon Energiaa – the market leader over last two decades in the manufacturing of Power electronic products is excelling in latest technological innovations and Energy efficiency.

Energiaa has recently launched Energy Storage Systems (ESS) – a Lithium based power packs solar Hybrid PCUs for the urban consumer who requires their ACsor other gadgets like mixie, microwave, Refrigerator etc. to run long hours during a power cut. These systems are Smart grid ready and aim to add IOT based load and source management.

With the ESS Pegasus Li+ and Sphinx Li+ Series, Energiaa aims to tap into a market potential worth of 80,000 crore rupees of the urban consumer whose Energy requirements are growing as high as their aspirations.

Energiaa’s ESS SERI is an excellent energy source with a long service life for applications such as commercial energy storage systems and renewable energy storage systems. Its ready-to-go design provides advantages in terms of ease of installation and easy configuration of battery systems ranging from 3.6 KWH to 9.6 KWH based on application requirements. In order to make sure cells are in the same operating condition, it has built-in Battery Management System (BMS) to Protect and manage the cell balance, monitor and collect individual cell’s temperature and voltage.

“Lithium based ESS are growing in popularity around the world for peak shaving and TOD shifting applications. We are offering something more advanced in terms of energy choice than all existing products presently in the market,” Manoj Pande, MD, Statcon Energiaa elaborated.

Energiaa range of power solutions have been perfect partner for Indian markets with decades of strong understanding of power situations and applications. Energiaa ESS is based on consumer insights on Energy efficiency along with performance. It’s unique design offers consumer competitive advantage in terms of pricing. With global experience in power electronics, its desirable to enhance the experience of Indian consumer with multiple solutions in line with international technological innovations.

Manoj Pande, Managing Director, Statcon Energiaa said, “The word Energiaa is derived from Energy and translate it into Energy of Creativity and Innovation. We strongly live and act with our belief in “Inspired to Innovate” building on the core values of our company driven by the culture. This culture has enabled Statcon to be a company winning acclaims ceaselessly. In the vastly competitive and crowded market place to create a unique positioning is imperative where the thrust on the culture drives the company and is of paramount importance.”

Energiaa products are already winner in the power segment and will gain a better mileage with ESS unique line of business to consumer segment and delivered at shortest possible time.

Source: ANI