Risen Energy ranks among the top three solar PV module manufacturers by Exawatt Power

Risen Energy ranked among the top three solar PV module manufacturers in the Exawatt Power Rankings for the second quarter of 2018. The company in a statement said that this achievement demonstrates Risen Energy’s outstanding success in technology and professional project services.

Risen Energy attributes its strong competitiveness in the Chinese solar PV sector to the company’s continuous commitment to R&D and innovation. The company recently rolled out nine new product lines, with a special focus on half-cut cell modules, with its black polycrystalline silicon, general monocrystalline and PERC monocrystalline half-cut cell modules recently going into mass production. Thanks to improvements in the R&D and technology of solar cells and modules, the company has expanded its patent portfolio and achieved record conversion efficiency, with conversion efficiencies of monocrystalline cells, polycrystalline cells, monocrystalline modules and polycrystalline modules exceeding 23 per cent, 21.1 per cent, 20.4 per cent and 19.4 per cent, respectively. The attenuation ratio of these products is less than 2.5 per cent in the first year, rising only to 19.2 per cent after 30 years.

In addition, with its highly competitive core technology and sound market strategy, Risen Energy has increased the total capacity of its production facilities in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, Luoyang, Henan province, Wuhai, Inner Mongolia and Jintan, Jiangsu province as well as in Mexico. Upon completion of two 5GW projects under construction in Jintan and Yiwu, Zhejiang province, the company expects to grow its total production capacity to 16.5 GW. Meanwhile, the company has been actively expanding into overseas markets and now has thousands of PV power stations across the globe with combined installed capacity expected to grow to 800 MW by the end of this year.

“Under the guidance of our strategy for the renewable energy and new materials markets, the company has made great progress in both segments,” said a spokesperson for Risen Energy. “With a strong competitive edge in efficient solar modules, including half-cut cell modules, the company has continuously met the increasing demand for high-tech, high quality, efficient and low-cost products. Looking ahead, the company plans to further drive the development of the global green energy market through industry-leading technologies with a focus on both domestic and international markets.”