Volvo to Start Rolling out Made in India Hybrid Electric Cars by End of 2019

Volvo will start rolling out local assembled hybrid electric version of its premium sports utility vehicle XC90 T8 by the end of next year. This will be country’s first locally assembled hybrid electric vehicle.

Beside the XC90 , the company is also planning to launch a range of hybrid electric cars in next 3 years as it moves towards phasing out combustion-engine only models in a bid to curb pollution. This announcement places electrification at the core of Volvo’s future business.

Charles Frump – Managing Director, Volvo Car India said, “The localization of plug-in hybrids marks the future of electrification for us. Our customers are increasingly becoming aware about the rise in pollution levels and degrading environment. As a responsible luxury car company, we believe electrification is the future. However, till the time we have a supporting infrastructure, plug-in hybrids offer the intermediate solution.”

The plug-in hybrid version of XC90 will be rolled out from company’s Bengaluru facility in the last quarter of 2019.

Volvo has made a commitment to electrify every car in its range in preparation for an era beyond the internal combustion engine. Every new Volvo from 2019 onwards will be electrified and by 2025 Volvo plans 50% contribution of Full-Electric cars, driving towards the end goal of having 1 million electrified cars on the road by 2025.