SmartE partners with SUN Mobility to use battery swapping system in its Three-Wheelers

DMRC Launches e-rickshaws

SUN Mobility has announced a partnership with SmartE to deploy its universal energy infrastructure to support SmartE’s growing EV operations.

In April 2018, SUN Mobility showcased the Interoperable Smart Mobility solution for 2-and-3 wheelers and this is the first-of-its-kind deployment in the country for electric three-wheelers.

SmartE’s fleet of electric three-wheelers will make use of SUN Mobility’s solution and will be deployed at SmartE Park & Charge Hubs across the Delhi-NCR, to bolster its first and last-mile connectivity services.

The month-long field trials for this solution were successfully concluded in Gurugram last week and the partnership will see SUN Mobility scaling the battery swapping infrastructure over the next 3 months to support 500 electric three-wheelers in Phase 1.

The two companies have come together, leveraging their expertise in product and solution to drive convenient, affordable and zero-emission last mile connectivity for the NCR region. The partnership is an example of collaboration between companies to address India’s growing need for clean public transport solutions and aims to rapidly transform the overall EV adoption in the country.

Goldie Srivastava, Co-Founder and CEO, SmartE, said, “The partnership underscores our commitment to make last-mile commute easy, safe, affordable and eco-friendly for everyone. SUN Mobility’s Interoperable Smart Mobility solution will enable us to rapidly scale up our vision without having to worry about the energy infrastructure.”

“As a pioneer in the electric mobility service space, SmartE plans to roll-out 100,000 vehicles by 2022. At 100,000 vehicles, SmartE will help reduce close to a million tonnes of carbon emissions, equivalent of planting 17 million trees per year,” he added.

SmartE already has an ongoing partnership with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and delivers nearly 80,000 rides to commuters daily. SmartE has served over 30 million pollution-free rides in the past three years since inception and is India’s largest electric vehicle service platform today.

By using SUN Mobility’s Smart Batteries, which use the advanced Lithium ion technology, the weight of the vehicle is reduced by ~100 Kgs improving the efficiency of the vehicle, therefore allowing for increased mileage, better pickup and higher gradients. The Quick Interchange Stations enable electric three-wheeler drivers to swap their batteries in under two minutes.

The pilot results show a spike in the revenue as drivers are able to operate the vehicle for 40% longer range compared to the conventional Li-Ion battery-based vehicles and 80% more compared to conventional Lead-Acid battery-based vehicles.

“Conventional electric three-wheelers that run on lead-acid batteries usually require eight hours of overnight charging and four hours of opportunity charge during the day. The assets remain idle half of the time during the day and could only cover 60-80 km which cause a loss of potential revenue. Our solution, through swapping, enables them to realize the full potential of last-mile transport and clock more than 150 kms per day,” said Chetan Maini, Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman, SUN Mobility“The partnership with SmartE will enable us to tangibly impact the lives of hundreds of people by making ‘refueling’ of electric vehicles faster, cheaper and more convenient for them to adopt,” he added.

SUN Mobility’s solution will aim to significantly augur the earning opportunity for electric three-wheeler drivers on SmartE’s platform, as it addresses the main challenges of high-replacement cost, low-life of the battery, limited-range, and long-refueling time. SUN Mobility’s Quick Interchange Stations’ computer controlled advanced charging and thermal management enables over 200 swaps a day and utilize less than 1/50th the real estate space for regular charging.

Speaking on the occasion, Uday Khemka, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of SUN Mobility, said, “E-rickshaw drivers not only worry about making ends-meet, but also about saving money to replace lead-acid batteries every 6-9 months.  Our pay-as-you-go solution ensures that the 1.5 million e-rickshaws plying on the roads today and the eleven thousand that are added every month are affordable and make economic sense for the drivers.”

SUN Mobility’s energy infrastructure platform comprises of SUN Mobility Smart Battery that is light-weight, connected, long-life, compact and swappable. SUN Mobility Quick Interchange Station is compact, easy to install and ensure quick refueling of electric vehicles and are compatible with multiple vehicle platforms including: 2 and 3 wheelers (e-rickshaws and e-autos).  SUN Mobility Smart Network (an IoT-based cloud platform) helps keep a constant check on the battery vitals, tracks batteries in real time, enables digital authentication, station operations and ensures service delivery optimization.