HP based Shoolini’s Faculty develops Cost Effective Sun tracking System

Sorabh Aggarwal, Assistant Professor at the School of Mechanical and Civil Engineering has developed cost effective dual axis sun tracking system to provide power to hilly interiors.

Sorabh in a statement said that “The idea behind the design came to me after I travelled to the interior suburbs of Himalayan region,especially to villages of Uttarakhand. I observed the absence of electricity in some of the remote places of Himalayas. These places could not be connected to the grid power because of their geological location, as it is not economical to supply grid power connection to these places.” He further added “ the idea was to develop a solar power system that would be economical and affordable for everyone. The only big problem is increasing the efficiency of solar panels as the sun is not stationary and panels do not get proper sunlight throughout the day.”

The design patent on the proposed sun tracking system was granted on August 24. Solar panels come as a boon for people living in areas where power supply is a problem.

The patent was filed by Sorabh Aggarwal, assistant professor, Dr Neeraj Gandotra, associate professor, School of Mechanical and Civil Engineering and Prof Bhaskar Goel, head of the School of Mechanical and Civil Engineering. Saurabh Aggarwal said the team is working on various aspects of the project and thanked vice- chancellor Prof P K Khosla for his support.

“Even now, residents of rural areas in India do not have proper electricity supply. It is not economical for the government to supply electricity in certain areas owing to geological location or some other reason,” said Sorabh Aggarwal.

The tracking system is available at one fourth of the cost of such systems available in the market at present.