Sunel, Huawei Partner to Promote the Development of Solar PV Globally

Sunel Group signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Huawei Smart PV in Huawei Shenzhen Headquarter. Konstantinos Zygouras, CEO of Sunel Group and Chen Guoguang, President of Huawei Smart PV Global Sales and Service, as well as many other senior leaders attended the signing ceremony to announce a wide-ranging partnership, especially for MENA, East Europe and UK.

In 2019, the total cooperation pipeline will be 500MW-600MW,with the first project of 26MW being constructed in Malawi, at which Sunel will implement the Huawei STS (Smart Transformer Station) and other new technologies.

Within the scope of its global growth strategy, Sunel has reached the development, design and execution of more than 2 GW of solar PV projects in more than 25 countries so far.

Having a highly customer oriented strategy, Sunel has long term collaborations with many international investors, supporting them in several countries, delivering high performing projects, adding value to their investments by generating higher yields, increasing reliability and providing long lasting solutions.

“We believe that combining the Huawei smart products with our customer oriented services, we are going to add more value and generate are liable, sustainable business model that will be implemented with success. The solid presence of Huawei and Sunel globally, jointly assures our customers for the continuous support of their investments in the long term, guaranteeing high returns, an effective and high standard O&M package and resulting to a lower LCOE.” Gonzalo Navarro, CTO of Sunel Group, said: “Solar PV market is globally transforming and indicates that only with high flexibility, continuous innovation and reliability we can overcome any challenges. These are the values we saw in Huawei and decided to partner for our projects.”

Zygouras pointed out that MENA is a very competitive market.It offers great opportunities if the challenges are managed effectively. Thelow figures of IRR in the investments are pushing the contractors and suppliers to provide smarter solutions that can generate lower LCOE figures and be reliable for the long term. Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solution is innovativeand specially designed to cover the investor’s high standards and long term reliability.

He also added, “The solid presence of Huawei in MENA market ensures the continuous support of the products in case of a malfunction, although we witnessed that the failure rate of Huawei inverters is extremely low.Together with Huawei we are going to be able to offer smarter solutions to our customers and support their investments in the long term.”

Steven Ma, GM of Huawei Smart PV said: “Sunel is one of the industry’s most elite players. Our partnership will focus on bringing smart technology to solar fields across the world.”