Lambretta to launch made-in-India electric scooter at Auto Expo 2020


Italian-Swiss scooter manufacturer Lambretta International to introduce all new Lambretta Electric prototype at the 15th Auto Expo of 6-9 February 2020. Distinguishing the importance of the Indian market for scooters,the parent company, Innocenti, decided to first showcase the vehicle in India. The company is also developing steel Super Lambretta specially designed for the Indian market.

Innocenti is inviting its world customers to Delhi to have them experience the uniqueness and beauty of  its all news electric prototype along with Indian culture.

The electric scooter is currently under development in Milan and has reportedly tied up with Lohia Auto Ltd and Bird Group to sell the scooter in India. However, the specifications are yet to be disclosed by the company.

Super Lambretta

Being aware of the specific demands of the Indian customers, Lambretta has simultaneously started with the development of the Super Lambretta. This upcoming aspirational model will be bigger and more spacious in size than the existing Lambretta models. The Super Lambretta will claim premium and upscale position in the Indian market retaining the classis rich look-and-feel which Lambretta is known for. It will be specially developed for ambitious young people understanding the beauty of Italian design.

Lambretta plant

Meanwhile Innocenti has intensified its activities to realise an assembly plant in the Mumbai area. The plant will provide the Indian market with original Lambretta products and will operate as a production hub for surrounding countries and Africa, providing jobs for the local area. Currently, talks are in their finalizing stage.