Interview: Rahul Mishra, CEO, Rays Future Energy

Rahul Mishra, CEO,  Rays Future Energy

Rays Power Infra recently announced entering into the B2C retail solar power segment through its group company-Rays Future Energy, tell our readers more about it and the idea behind it.

Rays Power Infra – India’s leading solar EPC player is planning to foray into retail space through their associate – Rays Future Energy. Customer will get access to complete solar solution through the exclusive experience centers. These Experience center will provide, customised solar power Kits , IOT home solutions , premium quality solar modules, solar inverters and complete solar solution for their residential and SME requirements . First of its kind in the industry, the customer will get easy finance from competitive financial agencies for their solar requirements.

When do you plan to launch more operational stores and what is your expansion plans? What are the major cities that you have identified for retail solar stores?

We are planning to launch around 10 operational stores in the first year of its operations, and expand to over 360 stores by 2023 covering all major cities in India. We will start rolling out from north region. Will commence our first outlet in Gurgaon by the end of November 2018.Through a franchise business model, various solar-powered products will be sold to customers.

What are the products that you are going to make available in these stores?

The initial product offering will be standardized solar solutions including- customised solar power Kits , IOT home solutions , premium quality solar modules, solar inverters and complete solar solution for  the retail customers, including homeowners and small-scale commercial establishments. RAYS Solar Experience Centers will also be set up that will provide high-quality plug-n-play, easy to install solar power packs for residential rooftops.

Tell us more about the terms in you franchise business model and what is the minimum requirement?

 Our terms and target include:-

· Sign the standard franchisee agreement

· Invest Rs.5,00,000 which is refundable till 1crore annual turnover

· Earn up to 15% commission on sales price (MRP)

· Make up-front payment to Rays Future Energy for all materials

· Reach minimum Rs.5,00,000 revenue per month within three months

· Strictly adhere to standard operating procedures

· Provide prompt after sales services to customers

· Do not sell above the maximum retail price

· Only sell company products

· Only use company approved marketing literature

Minimum requirement of the franchisee are:-

· Lease agreement in the name of RFE as applicable, rental cost borne by franchisee

· Location in commercial area with good visibility

· Use company technical support at a cost until the franchisee recruits a technician

· Pay staff in timely manner

· Run demonstrations and local sales schemes

· Drive sales and manage collections

· Build relationship with local banking partners

· Complete all necessary documentation and reports

· Retail space for running the experience store with a minimum requirement of 450 sq feet

What are the parameters you have set so that the quality is not compromised?

We have cherry picked the best partners for the product and will be using the best available components to ensure that our standard of quality is maintained throughout.

(This interview was published in September issue of Climate Samurai)