JinkoSolar with the B20 ERES Task Force commit G20 leaders to pursue sustainable energy transition

JinkoSolar announced that it has contributed to the Business 20 (B20) Energy, Resource Efficiency & Sustainability (ERES) Task Force for inclusion of the task force’s policy proposal in the G20 Leaders’ Declaration, Buenos Aires.

The 2018 meeting of the G20 Leaders’ Summit took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina with the theme of ‘Building consensus for fair and sustainable development’. B20, as the private sector´s voice of the G20 community, has historically developed consensus based concrete policy proposals with the objective of generating more and better jobs, sustained growth and development with its task forces.

JinkoSolar, as one of the core members of the Argentina B20 ERES Task Force, has actively participated in developing the proposal that the global business community and the G20 leaders shall pursue for an accelerated transition towards a low carbon, sustainable and equitable energy future.

Previously at The B20 Summit held in October, JinkoSolar pointed out that so far the sufficient and cost effective way to counter climate change can be realized by using solar power which is accommodated by storage, grid infrastructure, decentralization and digitally- enabled electrification technologies.

JinkoSolar have been an iconic Chinese solar PV company in its commitment to accelerate a sustainable energy transition by utilizing the innovative solar PV technology, advanced manufacturing, and experience of designing and applying utility scale solar projects.