SEG Automotive to showcase its new synchronous motor for e-rickshaw at SIAT expo

Anil Kumar M R, Managing Director, SEG Automotive India Private Limited

SEG Automotive will showcase its new efficient synchronous motor for e-rickshaw at SIAT expo, the technology has been developed in India, together with German R&D.

The electric vehicle market is gaining momentum across the globe driven mainly by environmental concerns, but the shift will be a gradual one due to issues like range, production costs, charging infrastructure and a fossil fuel heavy energy mix. India, however, is right in the middle of a transformation when it comes to three wheelers : over 1 million e-rickshaws are already on the road and providing efficient last mile transport free of emissions. SEG Automotive is now entering this fast growing market with e-motor, setting new standards in terms of efficiency and durability. The new efficient synchronous motor, co-developed between German and Indian engineering, is based on advanced technology instead of a BLDC (brush less DC) motor and will be showcased at SIAT expo 2019.

Light electric vehicles offer an immediate benefit in India: They provide efficient last mile transport of passengers and goods as well as keeping emissions out of the crowded cities and thus reducing air pollution. The decreased total cost of ownership coupled with government incentives for the e-three wheelers also enables drivers to earn a decent living. In times where the public charging infrastructure in India is yet to be fully established, their usage pattern and average driving distance per day makes three wheelers suitable for electrification right away,” states Anil Kumar M R, Managing Director, SEG Automotive India Private Limited.

The new efficient synchronous motor from SEG Automotive, co-developed between German and Indian engineering, further amplifies the strength of the e-rickshaw in terms of its operating efficiency, thus increasing range and further reducing total cost of ownership,” adds Dr. Peter Sokol, Chief Operating Officer, SEG Automotive Germany GmbH.

Output power requirements of e-motors for light electric vehicles are lower than for cars – the e-motors needs to be efficient and competitively priced yet reliable. SEG Automotive has a proven track record for such efficient, compact motors – as displayed recently with the launch of the ultra-compact SC60 start-stop motor in the Indian market.

Our new efficient synchronous motor is technologically advanced through specific protection features like overload protection, and offers higher reliability and robustness to easily withstand the tough operating conditions of three wheelers,” explained Anil Kumar.

SEG Automotive will be manufacturing the e-motors for three wheelers locally in India for the domestic and overseas market.

At the upcoming SIAT expo 2019, SEG Automotive will showcase its innovative offerings for light electric vehicles, in addition to its fuel efficiency improvement solutions for conventional ICEs. At the SIAT expo 2019, SEG Automotive is present in Hall A, Stall no.149.