Hanwha Q CELLS achieves top market share in Germany’s solar module market in 2018

Hanwha Q CELLS has announced that it achieved top market share in Germany’s solar module market in 2018. According to the survey titled Global PV InstallerMonitor 2018/2019 by EuPD Research, Hanwha Q CELLS captured a larger share of module sales than any other company in Germany last year.

This performance is the result of steadily targeted premium solar market in Germany, which has firmly embraced high-efficiency solar modules, and focusing on a customer-oriented product portfolio said the company in a statement.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), Germany’s electricity production from solar energy accounted for 6.1% of the total electricity generation in 2017, while electricity production from renewable sources reached 33.6%.

In 2018, renewables overtook coal to become Germany’s main energy source, supplying just over 40% of electricity production according to research from Fraunhofer. A growing trend helping to drive Germany’s energy transition (the Energiewende, which is targeting 65% renewable energy share by 2030) is rising demand for high-efficiency products – especially in the residential and commercial solar energy market.

Equally, the market for self-consumption, rather than actual electricity consumption, is expanding, because solar energy is more economical than coal or gas power generation. Hanwha Q CELLS has strengthened its market dominance based on high-efficiency premium solar modules and solutions that boast excellent product performance and meet the high quality demands of the German solar market.

Across many parts of Europe but particularly in Germany, Hanwha Q CELLS has also successfully introduced the Q.HOME: a total energy solution for the residential market that combines all of the necessary energy management functions for the household, including energy storage. In the commercial and industrial (C&I) space, Hanwha Q CELLS’ Q.FLAT is a solution that helps to reduce installation time and cost, thus providing a convenient and cost-effective solution to C&I and some residential customers.

The company notes that in addition to Hanwha Q CELLS’ technical prowess, the expansion of the Company’s sales network via its Q.PARTNER program has also played a key role in serving the German solar market. The Q.PARTNER program provides various collaborative services such as on/offline education for solar installers, and offers insightful marketing materials to partner companies. In Germany alone, 640 partner companies have joined the program to be able to collaborate closely with Hanwha Q CELLS and respond to customer’s needs immediately. Currently, more than 80% of the Company’s European residential and commercial market sales are made through the Q.PARTNER program, and as the European residential and commercial markets are expected to grow steadily, Q.PARTNER is expected to become more important in targeting Europe’s premium markets.

Hanwha Q CELLS’ CEO Mr. Hee Cheul (Charles) Kim said “Securing top market share in Germany, which is the main market in Europe, once again proves Hanwha Q CELLS’ strong brand power. Based on superior technology leadership and quality competitiveness, we will continue to accelerate Hanwha Q CELLS’ market penetration not just in Germany, but the whole of Europe.

Meanwhile, according to the U.S. PV Leaderboard report released by global energy consulting firm Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables in December 2018, Hanwha Q CELLS achieved the top market share in the U.S. residential solar market in the third quarter of 2018.