Risen Energy Completed 5 GW Installations in 2018

Risen Energy concluded the year of 2018 by announcing the completion of 5 GW global installation, including modules sales and project installation. 5 GW is a breakthrough installation amount for the ‘rising’ Risen Energy, who just accomplished an unprecedented 10,000 million RMB annual sales revenue in 2017.  

The 5 GW module and project installation were spread in a variety of market places, such as China, Europe, rest of Asia, Africa, South America, North America and Australia. China market topped the ranking list by completing 1,870 MW module and project installation in 2018, followed by the rest of Asia, North America, Australia, Europe, South America and Africa. The regional allocation of module and project installation demonstrated a well-balanced market structure, thanks to Risen Energy’s market globalization strategy for the fast few years. Although China market still took up 37% of the total market share, the installation was widely spread in Central China, South China, North China, Northwest China, East China and etc.

“It is encouraging for me to know the 2018 installation result. And it is even more exciting to know that our modules and solutions have been accepted by almost all the major continents in the world. In the past few years, we made all efforts to make Risen Energy products and solutions more globalized, more user-friendly, more intelligent and more reliable. We also tended to make our services and talents more localized and closer to end users. For R&D end, we already cooperated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and China JILIANG University. We are the first module manufacturer who realized the mass production of 370W bifacial dual-glass modules, with the annual production capacity of 1GW. “In the meanwhile, the only one and also the first one in the world, our bifacial AlOx passivated PERC technology allows our cell efficiency to reach up to 22.51%, with the average cell efficiency of 22.19%.  For product and solution application, our global module and project accumulated installation already exceeded 15 GW worldwide.”

  By the end of 2018, Risen Energy already augmented its annual production capacity to 8.6 GW based on substantial market demand for Risen products and solutions. We see an even more “rising” year for Risen Energy in 2019.