The new SDREAM e-bike launched with smart Vehicle Control Unit

Electric bikes (e-bikes) are increasingly regarded as a green alternative to vehicles and may be the next revolution for smart mobility. A new entrant to the e-bike market, SDREAM, developed by, launched on Indiegogo with the guarantee that the e-Bike can’t be stolen due to its smart Vehicle Control Unit.

The SDREAM foldable e-bike is an affordable option for those who like to travel and be secure.

SDREAM features an attractive, streamlined appearance crafted by hydro-forming techniques. The battery is hidden in the body and supplies up to 750W, allowing for speeds of more than 20 mph and assisted travel of up to 55 miles per charge. Riders can move by pedaling or through hybrid or full electric modes to suit different environments and personal fitness. It’s no longer a dream to get more power while pedaling less.

However, the high theft rate is still disturbing to bike owners around the world. The Guardian reported that more than 250,000 bikes have been stolen in the UK in the past three years – one every six minutes. The FBI also estimated that over 1.5 million bikes are stolen every year.

To combat this, SDREAM company has put a strong emphasis on building an e-bike that cannot be stolen. With a built-in GPS and Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), the SDREAM e-bike owner will be notified via phone when an unauthorized movement is detected, letting them know where it is taking place and the location of the e-bike.

After each trip, the rider’s efforts will be generated as a visible riding report. The e-bike status, riding data, and mileage analysis can be synced to a smartphone through Bluetooth where it can be managed and shared.

The SDREAM e-bike is equipped with puncture-resistant 4-inch fat tires, which provide a smooth and safe ride on any terrain, Tektro disc brakes, a Shimano 7-speed cassette gear system and the option to add various accessories. The compact folding design also makes SDREAM an elegant fully-loaded monster.

SDREAM is more than a ton of fun. It is a medium to connect people to nature, rider to their bike, and people to people. The SDREAM crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo is going to launch on Feb. 20. The price point will be around 1,000 USD, which is up to 64% off from MSRP. SDREAM is expected to launch a new path in smart mobility as a reliable travel partner that can go wherever one can imagine.