Ameresco wins eight solar project awards under SMART Program

Ameresco has announced that it won eight (8) solar project awards under the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program.

The SMART Program is a solar incentive program that encourages the development of 1,600 MW of new solar PV technology across Massachusetts utilities.

Ameresco is thrilled with the news of the SMART project awards and applauds the leadership of the DOER and DPU in catalyzing and supporting solar development in the State of Massachusetts,” said Jim Walker, Vice President of Solar PV. “We appreciate the opportunity provided by the SMART program to develop a broad range of solar projects and offer clean energy access to a diverse range of customers in Massachusetts.”

The projects awarded represent an extensive variety of Ameresco’s solar project capabilities from solar canopies for parking lots to landfills to residential solar rooftop arrays to large scale ground-mounts.

Massachusetts is a national leader in solar energy with over 2,300 megawatts of solar installed across all 351 cities and towns of the Commonwealth,” said Department of Energy Resources Commissioner Judith Judson. “DOER commends Ameresco for its efforts to build solar projects in partnership with municipalities under the SMART program, particularly those sited on landfills, rooftops, and parking lots. Such projects are directly in line with the goals of the SMART program and demonstrate an excellent re-use of existing land.”

Ameresco won a SMART award to build solar canopies for the Town of Natick for the Natick High School (494 kW AC). This project will provide the Town of Natick with the benefits of solar canopies for coverage in their high school parking lots as well as the electricity savings generated by the solar projects.

Through projects like the planned solar canopies, Ameresco has helped the Town of Natick strengthen its commitment to sustainability and become a ‘solar suburb’,” said Jillian Wilson-Martin, Sustainability Coordinator, Town of Natick. “In 2012, our municipality was one of the first in Massachusetts to install solar on public buildings, and now more than 700 of our residents have solar on their roofs. We are eager to continue our leadership in renewable energy through the SMART program.”

Three of Ameresco’s SMART awards are to be built on public landfills, generating savings for the Towns of Wellfleet, Westport and Hamilton; the three solar arrays are sized 700 kW, 480 kW and 636 kW respectively. Ameresco won 221 small-scale SMART awards to build roof-mounted solar arrays, totaling almost 2,000 kW in capacity, providing residents with access to clean energy.

Additionally, Ameresco won three SMART awards for solar ground-mounts in Erving (4,954 kW) and Dartmouth (178 kW), as well as Gardner (2,500 kW), which was awarded under the initial SMART Competitive Procurement.

We commend the efforts of this important mission within the local community,” said George Sakellaris, CEO of Ameresco. “We are thrilled to be a part of the continued efforts within Massachusetts to lead by example in energy stewardship.”

These projects, which collectively represent approximately 12,000 kW, will save approximately 10,300 Metric Tons of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Ranked as the #1 Solar Contractor in Massachusetts in 2017 by the Solar Power World Top 500 Solar Contractors List, Ameresco continues to grow its solar footprint with these SMART award announcements. Ameresco’s North American footprint represents approximately 235 MW of solar projects completed or in construction.

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