Dash Cam Installation In Electrical Vehicle-Dos And Dont’s

The need for security is paramount and almost every of our actions is a measure towards ensuring one form of security or the other. The fact that you lock your door using one form of lock or the other is an example. You may even go as far as installing a security cam (not really a hidden spy cam) in your house to ward off intruders. There are also other little things you do that are also security measures. Eating for example is a way of securing your life. So is the act of keeping drugs from the reach of kids. Most of my examples are cases of home security, that does not mean that it is only the home that you take serious steps to secure.

Another property of yours you make substantial efforts to secure is your car. Locking of the door, turning off the engine and removing your car keys from the keyhole are steps you put in place to ensure that your car is secure. Things are gradually advancing as technology is becoming more sophisticated. The use of buttons is replacing the use of multiple keys. Cars now have alarms that must be deactivated before you open the doors. Despite these already available features, individuals are still making conscious steps to ensuring their safety and that of their car. The use of dash cam is a very good example. Dash cams and rear cams are getting more attention and usage by the day. If you want to join the trend, behold are some best dash cam installation in electric vehicle dos and don’ts.

Do understand what you want

This is actually the basis for getting anything. You must have a requirement, expectations or list of what you want. This is what shapes your decision. This may not seem much in the aspect of choosing a dash cam as the difference between dash cams are not so much. It is however important that you know what you want and pick the product which suites your needs.

Do a review before purchasing

The real product in my opinion is the features of a product that sees to the side of the manufacturer or seller and the buyer. In other words, the real product is that which simultaneously meets the expectations of the buyer and the proposition of the seller. Most sellers or marketers will naturally hype a product. It is for you to now confirm from people who have used it how much the product meets the hype. Only people who have used it will tell you the complete truth.

Don’t skip the manual

This is one thing that most of us including myself is guilty of doing. However, this is not the best of approaches to using a product especially one that you have no idea about. Most of us prefer to learn about the product while we are using it instead of before we start using it. This is not the best method as you will learn trial and error and may even ruin the item in the process. So before you start tearing into the box containing your dash cam and it’s additional tools, try reading that “boring” piece of paper.

Don’t be untidy, be definitive

This is a result of using trial and error method when installing your dash cam. You will end up spending more time doing something that should not have consumed that amount of time. When you do not read the manual, you may end up manhandling some of the additional equipment or even spoiling them. When installing your dash cam, ensure work is as neat abd definitive as possible. Hide the wires from plain sight by running them along the frame of your car instead of leaving them hanging loosely. Place your dash cam in a sweet spot that will help you cover most angles. Behind your rearview mirror is always a good fit. The charging port in your vehicle can save you the stress of having to search for a power source for your camera.

Do consider if its installation is permanent

This is a decisive factor as to how you will install your dash cam. There are certain steps you are not advised to take if you are installing it on a temporal basis as they could pose a problem when you want to uninstall the dash cam from your vehicle. A good example of this is the use of glue to secure the wires against the frame of your car. While there are some steps that are not the best when you are installing the dash cam on a permanent basis as you may end having to make repeated efforts to keep it going. An example is the use of clips to secure the wires. You may have to continually change or reapply new clips to stop the wires from coming loose.

Do consult a professional

Finally, do not always do everything by yourself. Do not be stubborn especially when you are at that point where you lack direction and may need professional assistance. Do not hesitate to call for help so as to save yourself from the stress and prospect of causing damage to either your car or your dash cam. Some dash cams may need to be wired to a more substantial power source which may be more than your technical ability can carry. At this juncture, do not hesitate to call a technician to help you out for a token fee.


Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging tech marketing. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech , Elabelz.com , Titan Tech and Smart Marketing .