BHEL inviting bids for the supply of EV DC and AC chargers

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) floated tender inviting Rate Contract for 01 year-Supply of Bharat EV DC (15 KW) chargers and AC (3×3.3 KW) chargers to establish Low voltage Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations in Delhi-Chandigarh highway.

Last date for the submission of the bid is 11th April.

BHEL in the tender document notes that the vendor shall be an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of DC Chargers & AC Chargers Equipment. OEMs based outside India, who are making offer for this tender shall have authorized representatives in India for support related to documentation, erection, commissioning & any other co-ordination work. This authorization provided by OEM to representatives shall indicate the type, duration & validity of the agreement. The Indian representatives should have the team of experienced service engineers on payroll located at various parts of India. OEM shall furnish an undertaking that in case of change in Indian representatives/agent, OEM shall continue to support supplies w.r.t to field service and supply of spare parts.

To qualify for the bid the vendor should have designed, engineered, manufactured, type tested or got type tested, supplied and commissioned or supervised commissioning of at least one (1) number of DC Charger system and one (1) number of AC Charger system for Electric Vehicle application (of the type offered). The tender document also notes that vendor should have at least 3 years’ experience in the business of manufacturing, sale and service of electrical equipment related to battery chargers, storage and AC to DC & DC to DC Converters, and should have ISO:9001 certificate or higher.

The vendor shall be wholly responsible for the quality and performance of the supplied charging equipment as per the tendered technical specifications.

General Requirement

The EV shall be connected to Public metered AC outlet (PMAO) for conductive energy transfer function. The system will have following general specifications:

  • PMAO is supplied with three pahse AC power and output single phase AC power
  • Energy transfer mode is conductive
  • Each outlet will have up to three independent charging sockets
  • The PMAo has built-in metering, safety & monitoring
  • PMAO and central management system (CMS) communication with each other to serve purposes of firmware, reservation, cancellation, addition and deletion of PMAOs etc. CMS should interact with the charger for its above functions, selected as per the user; or by the service provider for tariff related changes. CMS will have interface to user app, and multiple chargers for managing all requests and responses
  • Chargers shall be compact piller charger with an option for wall mounting


AC Charger is a public metered AC outlet (PMAO) which is to provide AC input to the vehicle which has on-board chargers. This applies to electric road vehicles for charging at 230V standard single phase AC supply with a maximum output of 15A and at a maximum output power of 3.3kW. PMAO is a slow charger for low power vehicles.

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