Uber brings e-bikes and electric scooters in Paris: Report

Electric Scooters

Uber has reportedly announced the launch of e-bikes and electric scooters in Paris. These “dockless” rentals will be available for rent on Paris streets as soon as this week reports Reuters.

The bikes will have a top speed of 25 km/h (15 mph), while the scooters can reach 20 km/h.

According to the report the company will initially roll out 500 of its Jump bikes and 500 scooters before it extends the programme to Paris suburbs and other French cities.

These e-bikes and scooters can be picked up and left anywhere, however, this system has proved headache for residents who often find them blocking pavements or scattered across the city’s picturesque squares.

Over 15000 scooters have flooded the French capital since their introduction last year and the number is expected to rise around 40,000 by the end of this year reports the agency.

Uber will have to pay an annual licensing fee of 50 to 65 euros per scooter like other operators in the city, however the fee will depend on the size of its fleet.

Uber has signed the code of good conduct unveiled by Paris officials last week.

According to the agency Rental prices for both the bikes and scooters will be one-euro unlocking fee and then 15 cents per minute.


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