ISA to launch global editions of Re-Invest, to be called Sun World: Report

International Solar Alliance (ISA) is reportedly planning to launch global editions of its flagship industry event-“Re-Invest” looking into the huge interest from the overseas entities.

In a first move,  ISA has signed an agreement with Peru to organize RE-Invest’s global edition to be called as Sun-World in November in that country.

Upendra Tripathy, Director General of ISA speaking to ET said “The name of RE-Invest will change to Sun-World as it moves out of India.” He added “We would want RE-Invest to be organized outside India as a best practice but we will not be able to continue with the same name if it moves out to any other country.”

Tripathy also said that many countries have expressed their interest in organizing the mega solar event in their own geographies and first Sun-World will be organized in Peru.

Speaking to the publication he said that Sun-World will be organized in Peru between 12 November and 14 November this year and the second edition is planned to be organized in Nairobi in November 2020. The third edition will be organized either in Indonesia or Australia in 2021.

ASSOCHAM is planning to take a delegation of 30 industry leaders to Peru to participate in Sun-World this year said the report.