Tangedco takes GPS help to measure wind power generation

Over the last few months Tangedco with the help of GPS has been measuring wind power generation in real time.

According to ET , Tangedoco has installed GPS system in all windmills across the state and this has helped discoms to measure the power generation from a windmill without going to the spot.

Tamil Nadu is the first state in the country to have installed GPS in windmills.  Other states like Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra may soon follow the footstep.

Till date with the help of equipment an assessor was recording the generation and there were lot of lacunae in such measurement which led to losses to the discom.

The report states that Tangedco has also set up smart meters in all high tension consumers and this has prevented assessors from visiting the consumer and recording the consumption.

A senior Tangedco official speaking to the publication said “After installing GPS in all windmills, we are able to get the bill from the wind power companies for selling wind power within 5 days of a new month, as against a delay of over a month earlier. There is also transparency as the bill is digital and no assessor is involved

 The official added “With the new billing scheme, it is easy for us to know the wind power generation in a real time. We depend on forecast for power schedule, but with GPS we are able to know the wind generation real time.

With the help of GPS the discom will also get to know how many windmills are functioning properly and how many needs to be replaced or repaired.

Tangedco is also planning to install GPS in solar, biomass and even in thermal plants in coming months. This will help in zeroing malpractises in billing and lower discom’s expenditure too.