Ecoprogetti launches High-Speed Automatic Bussing Machine

Since 2010 Ecoprogetti developed and supplied its Automatic bussing machine for Fully automatic lines, now after continuous improvements and innovations, the company has launched the much awaited all new High-Speed Automatic Bussing, for fully automatic soldering of the interconnections between the strings of solar cells.

This High-Speed Automatic Bussing is designed with a high-performance induction soldering system for the highest ribbon soldering quality and precision, optical controls and fully automatic raw material preparation units, said the company in a statement.

Due to the rising quantity of bus bar and changes in the cell technology in the last years, from 4 to 6 and today’s 12 BB, the manual operation of interconnections’ soldering becomes slower due to the many interconnection points to solder, resulting, in some cases, in a critical drop of modules per hour in the production line.

With the exponentially rising number of bus bars the area required for manual bussing will grow as well in the production space, creating situations of non-optimized configuration of the production line.

Photovoltaic production lines need high speed, quick and reliable interconnections’ soldering process, enclosed in a compact footprint ensuring a higher number of modules/hour in a smaller area. That’s Ecoprogetti’s upgraded Automatic Bussing Machine, which now performs at high speed with great efficiency, also improves the module quality.

The achievied speed is lower than 30 seconds, depending on the design of the Solar panel the cycle time can go down to 25 seconds/module.  

With this high-speed cycle times Ecoprogetti’s Automatic Bussing can manage a production line of up to 300 MW/year, increasing time and quality efficiency in smaller footprint.

The New Automatic Bussing can work with 5-6-12 Bus Bar or Wires, and with panels of 60 or 72 cells, half cut cells provision is available as optional.

The induction soldering system is definitely the best method to perform bussing operations. It has many advantages, between them:

  • Induction heating rapidly delivers site-specific heat to very small areas without heating any surrounding parts
  • the heating pattern is repeatable and consistent
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Very low cleaning and maintenance need
  • maximized productivity thanks to the quick temperature reach
  • improved product quality
  • Induction heating does not burn traditional fossil fuels, it’s safer for you and the environment

The Automatic Bussing machine is the most complete automation of strings bussing soldering available in the market and it can satisfy the requirements for quality production and throughput of today’s big production lines.