FTC Solar launches Atlas, web-based project management for solar developers

FTC Solar announced the launch of Atlas, a web-based project and portfolio management platform built specifically for solar.

Atlas enables solar developers to track project progress and store project-specific data in one easily accessible, central, and searchable location.

All types of project-specific data can be tracked in Atlas, from project documents, interconnection requirements, and schedule, to budget and financials. Users can generate custom reports or “grids” based on the available data with intuitive sort and filter tools. These reports can be shared with colleagues and will update live as data is changed or new data is entered in the platform.

Atlas combines readily available project data from every contributor in a solar enterprise with the customization tools available in most spreadsheet products,” said Andrew Morse, FTC Solar’s Director of Software. “This unique feature-set provides the solar developer with critical project information when they need it and the means to convey this data in a way that makes sense to their organization.

Integrations with other commonly used platforms enhance the value of Atlas. “Interfacing with file sharing platforms, messaging platforms, and accounting/financial reporting systems is possible and encouraged,” said Philip Lonappan, Software Engineering Manager for FTC Solar, “so that Atlas customers can continue to use and benefit from the systems familiar to them on a daily basis.” Bidirectional data flow between Atlas and other platforms can, in effect, enable the platform to become the central nervous system for the solar enterprise.