Sweden’s electric road will charge your car as you drive

Forget about charging stations, you can charge your electric vehicle on-the-go, literally. Swedish city, Lund, will be one of the first in the world to install a real-life demonstration of a new type of electric road.

According to Fast Company, the kilometre-long stretch, to be built by Elonroad, will make it possible to charge electric vehicles while driving.

The electric road technology will make it possible for batteries to be 80 per cent smaller than their traditional counterpart, which in turn, will make e-vehicles cheaper.

Dan Zethraeus, CEO and founder of Elonroad said “Electric roads, or the same technology in parking lots, could also work seamlessly with autonomous vehicles that can’t easily plug themselves into chargers. On highways, they could help power electric semi trucks that could otherwise take too long to charge. In crowded cities, they could eliminate the need for charging stations to take up space and make it easier for people without driveways to own electric cars. That’s especially true in China and India, they don’t have the space to have cars standing still and charging.”

Sweden will start building the first section of the demo road in 2020.

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