Meet the electric dirtbike Ottobike MXR that can run at 120 kmph

Tiwan based Ottobike has unveiled fully electric dirtbike concept named as  “Ottobike MXR” at the 2019 EICMA Milan motorcycle show.

The MXR in “Ottobike MXR” stands for Maxi Extreme Rider. According to a report all new dirtbike is capable of running at a speed of 120 kmph.

It is powered by an 11 kW continuous rated mid-drive motor that has a liquid cooling system along with electric speed controller.

The electric dirtbike weighs 100 kg and said to have a maximum torque output of 45 Nm.

The dirtbike looks rugged and comes with three vertically positioned LED bars, while an LCD dashboard is there, which displays a wide range of information.

Ottobike has used Android OS for the display to show the riders GPS directions, live maps and incoming calls, among other features.

It packs a non-removable battery that has a capacity of nearly 5 kWh and a 1.2 kW battery charger.

Ottobike claims the bike’s battery takes 2.25 hours for a 20-80 per cent charge, while to get fully charged it requires around 4 hours of time.