Meet Sony Vision S – concept electric car

Tech giant Sony recently unveiled its first concept electric car at CES 2020 The car features 33 sensors inside and out, including CMOS image sensors and 3D Time of Flight sensors, radar and ultra sonic sensors The car has LIDAR sensors, which use pulses of light to detect objects and determine how far away they are. Sony calls this “Oval sensing”. The car will have advanced cruise control that will allow it to follow a car on the highway at a safe distance. It’ll also have valet parking assistance. As an additional safety measure, internal sensors will monitor facial expressions and body language to gauge concentration and alertness. Sony says that the sensors are also for comfort and will adjust the temperature as needed. Sony also flexed its audio-processing muscle and outfitted the car with 360 Reality Audio. Each seat has individual speakers, so each passenger can personalize their audio experience. The concept car is powered by two 268 bhp (200kW) motors and can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 4.8 seconds The top speed its 240km/h.