Triton Solar launches Triton Pandora Box – a compact solar battery with inverter

Triton Solar recently launched alternate energy management solution -the transformer-less Triton Pandora Box. The company in a statement said that the Triton Pandora Box is the ideal compact single-phase inverter for residential and small-scale commercial applications with a power category of 5 kW.

In accordance with ESA rules for residential applications, the Triton Pandora Box can operate efficiently at a maximum input voltage of 600 V from solar PV & wind turbines.

Industry-leading features now come standard with the Triton Pandora Box, including inbuilt wireless monitoring (GSM/Wi-Fi) via Triton CMS online and mobile platform.

With this worldwide launch, Triton Solar is also proud to make this product available for pre-order bookings for worldwide customers including customers from India.

Triton Pandora Box is a single device comes with the following:
1.    Smart Inverter
2.    Inbuilt Energy Management System
3.    Integrated IoT

Talking about this major development, Himanshu B Patel, Founder and MD of Triton Solar stated, “This new introduction is great innovation and getting considered as a path breaking product for alternate energy management. This is not only cost effective and extremely user friendly. The IoT integration in this product makes it even more useful as with this feature users can be able to learn to optimize their energy consumption. Other features such as Intelligent energy management, interactive interfaces makes the new Triton Pandora Box an Interactive Hybrid Inverter for its users. In addition the inbuild Smart Metering Enablement also makes it exclusive in the market.”

This product is available on Triton Solar’s website for pre-order bookings at an attractive discount of 1500 USD.

Apart from being capable for Predictive Maintenance, Triton Pandora Box will solve the grievances (inappropriate savings, high processing time, delayed payments, installation nightmares, etc.) of all the involved stakeholders (house/industry owner, solar PV / wind turbine installation company (EPC), grid distribution company (DISCOM)) and make rooftop solar PV & wind turbine win-win situation for all.” Triton Pandora Box is a single device that takes care of not only energy generation but also energy consumption and transmission at micro level via single hardware.

Additional Features of Triton Pandora Box
1.    Inbuild communication package included as standard with GSM (2G, 3G &4G), WIFI & LAN
2.    Modular PCB design for easy on-site maintenance
3.    Wide input voltage range
4.    Enclosure for unrestricted use under any environmental conditions (Outdoor certified)
5.    Advanced closed-loop grid integration (optimum functioning even in high grid fluctuation scenario)
6.    Low High Voltage Ride Through – LHVRT
7.    Low High-Frequency Drive Through – LHFRT