Solar power project for Agro market gets Rajasthan CM’s approval

The solar power project for agricultural produce markets and compost plant for Muhana mandi in Rajasthan gets Approval to go ahead from the Chief minister Ashok Gehlot .

With the installation of solar power project the state government plant ot make these agriculture markets self-sufficient and create a sanitized environment at Muhana mandi, which is one of the largest agricultural markets in the state.

A compost machine will be installed at the Muhana mandi, the state government has sanctioned Rs 33 crore for the project. This will help to utilise all the solid waste generated at the mandi and will help to keep the premises clean.

Under the proposal sent by the agriculture marketing department, the agriculture markets that have sufficient funds to construct a solar plant will be given assistance under the CAPEX model and those who do not have sufficient funds will be given assistance under the RESCO model.

To make this process a success, about 70-80 per cent funds from various banks will be arranged.

The state chief minister  has given Rs 12.32 crore financial sanction and even administrative sanctions to this project.

The idea to install solar plants in the agricultural markets is to provide cheap electricity to the businessmen there.