Bill Gates buys futuristic super yacht that is powered by liquid hydrogen

Bill Gates has commissioned himself a futuristic super yacht that’s powered entirely by liquid hydrogen — meaning its only emission is water — for Rs 4,600 crore.

Gates is a regular super yacht holidaymaker but has not previously owned his own vessel and has preferred to rent during his summer trips.

The plans of buying the super yacht were unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show last year in December.

Notably, this is the first of its kind being powered by liquid hydrogen.

The luxury liner is 370 feet long and comprises five decks complete with space for 14 guests, 31 crew members, a gym, yoga studio, beauty room, massage parlour and cascading pool on its rear deck, a news agency reported on Sunday.

Hydrogen fuel works by creating electricity to power a battery and motor by mixing hydrogen and oxygen in specially treated plates, which are combined to form the fuel cell stack.

The fuel cell stacks and batteries have allowed engineers to significantly shrink these components to even fit neatly inside a family car, although they are also commonly used to fuel buses, other larger vehicles and now super yachts, according to Unilad.