MNRE brings scheme for solarization of Sun-temple town Modhera in Gujarat

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has announced Scheme for Solarisation of sun-temple town of Modhera, District — Mehsana, Guiarat .

The scheme aims at 100 per cent solarization of Modhera. The electricity demand of the household for domestic and agricultural purpose has been planned ot be fulfilled with solar energy under the scheme.

The scheme envisages solarisation of Modhera through setting up of 6 MW ground-mounted solar PV power plant, 271 nos. x 1KW Rooftop Solar PV Systems, 100 kW aggregate capacity of Rooftop Solar PV Systems on Govt. Buildings, 15 MWh, 6MW, Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and other renewable energy installations in Modhera, with an investment of around Rs. 65 Crores.

As per the notification 50% of central financial assistance of around Rs. 32.5 crores will come from Government of India through MNRE and balance 50% will come from Government of Gujarat.

The scheme reads “Modhera has been selected due to the location of ancient sun-temple there and the associated historical and cultural association with Sun. The context makes it an ideal location for a pilot demonstration programme for a town running completely through solar energy.”

The nodal agency of the state government will call for bids for setting up projects under five heads — 6 Megawatt ground-mounted solar PV plant; 271 rooftop solar PV systems of 1 Kilowatt capacity each; 100 Kw aggregate capacity of rooftop solar systems on government buildings; and smart energy components.

The fifth component includes smart energy meters for individual households and 11 Kilovolt feeders, solar electric vehicles (EV) charging stations and associated solar plant and battery storage, smart load monitoring and data centre with weather station, microprocessor-based relay and equipment monitoring for grid protection and smart street lights near Modhera sun temple.

The scheme will be implemented over two years, 2019-20 and 2020-21. t. The Scheme will be implemented by a Scheme Implementing Agency, to be decided / selected / nominated by Government of Gujarat, who will issue the tenders for setting up of proposed renewable energy installations, monitor the implementation of the projects, ensure compliance with MNRE’s Scheme and submit monthly progress reports to MNRE.  Bidding will be conducted on the combined project cost for implementing the installations and maintaining them.

The terms and duration for Operation & Maintenance may be different for different components and the bidder will have to quote individual cost components including operation and maintenance for a specified period for all the five proposed installations in addition to the total project cost.

The bidders who has submitted the lowest total project cost will be selected as the successful bidder. The first half of the eligible Central Financial Assistance will be disbursed along with Issuance of Letter of Award and the balance CFA will be disbursed on successful commissioning of the project.