Amara Raja, Gridtential Energy partners for Silicon Joule Bipolar Technology

Amara Raja Batteries Limited and Gridtential Energy, the inventor of Silicon Joule bipolar battery technology announced that they have entered into a formal agreement to collaborate on bipolar battery technology.

Under the technology evaluation agreement, Amara Raja Batteries Limited and Gridtential Energy will assemble and test Silicon Joule bipolar reference batteries using Amara Raja’s active material to determine improvements in cycle life, energy density, battery efficiency, charging rates and manufacturability.

Gridtential Energy provides non-exclusive licenses for Silicon Joule technology, enabling manufacturing partners to easily adapt their factories to provide high performing, higher voltage 24V & 48V batteries to their customers for the hybrid-automotive, Low-Speed EV (LSEV), energy storage system (ESS) & home back-up markets – all without giga-scale capital investments. Silicon Joule bipolar technology enables an innovative class of advanced lead batteries with silicon at its core.

It is a design driven, low-cost, high-performance, patented energy storage solution that provides improved power density, cycle life, dynamic charge acceptance and wider temperature range, with up to 40% lower weight, while retaining full lead-battery recyclability.  This is all accomplished while leveraging existing technologies from mature industry supply chains – allowing rapid scaling through existing lead-battery infrastructure.

“We are pleased to be working with the talented team at Amara Raja Batteries, a progressive energy storage company on the leading edge of lead-based battery technology innovation in India,” said Gridtential Energy CEO, John Barton. “We believe that Silicon Joule advanced lead battery technology is a perfect fit for the Indian market, offering a high-performance, low-cost solution. We are excited by the opportunity to show that our advanced lead technology offers superior price-performance and confident that this will prove to be a successful platform for Amara Raja.”

Industries from automotive to grid energy storage are searching for lower-cost, sustainable power solutions to meet diverse energy needs. With Silicon Joule™ bipolar battery technology from Gridtential Energy, that combines the benefits of lead batteries with silicon-enabled, high performance characteristics, Amara Raja Batteries Limited, will be prepared to meet the global challenge.

“As an organization committed to innovation, entrepreneurialism, and pursuit of excellence, Amara Raja is always interested in exploring new ways to serve our customers with advanced products.” said Amara Raja Batteries Limited Vice-Chairman and MD, Jayadev Galla. “The unique Silicon Joule™ Bipolar technology from Gridtential holds significant potential to deliver enhanced value to our customers. And very importantly, Gridtential helps meet our environmental commitment based on lead battery recyclability greater than 99%” he added.

S. Vijayanand, CEO, Amara Raja Batteries Limited commented, “We are very positive about the economic value of lead-based batteries in the Indian market and Gridtential Silicon Joule™ Bipolar technology can bridge the gap between current lead-based batteries and increasing demand for new energy storage applications. We look forward to seeing the results our teams can achieve working together on realizing more of the performance potential of lead-based batteries.”

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