Lucknow Development Authority makes rooftop solar mandatory

The Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) has reportedly made installation of rooftop solar mandatory for upcoming houses on 500sqm.

The LDA will issue a completion certificate to any construction work falling under the above parameters.

LDA board on Tuesday announced about the decision which was taken as per the new state government policy to maximise the use of renewable energy.

According to ET, Lucknow will be the first state to implement the policy and it will brought in other districts as well.

The publication notes that the housing units will include apartments and row houses, while commercial units will include hospitals, nursing homes, guest houses, hostels and restaurants, among others.

LDA secretary MP Singh speaking to the publication said those constructing row houses will have to install solar panel themselves, while in apartments and commercial units the responsibility will be of the builder. LDA will also install solar power plants in its upcoming housing and commercial projects.

He said “Besides, we will urge those who already own properties on 500sqm or above land to install solar panels in their premises, although it will not be mandatory.”

LDA will support people in getting details of how to install the facility on their campuses.

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