Hasu Doshee Foundation helping Tribals switch to solar this Diwali

Half of the households in rural India are still facing issues in getting uninterrupted electricity supply. Lack of an electricity grid, transmission issues, rising electricity costs and other issues have limited energy access in rural India.

As a result, still 26% of rural households in India use kerosene as a source of lighting. More importantly, Kerosene usage can cause health issues as burning kerosene forms soot and emit toxic fumes that irritate eyes, cause respiratory illness and are potential fire related accidents waiting to happen. Also, as per factual data lack of electricity in villages is a sad cause of numerous crimes, including murders, rapes and stealing. 

Hasu Doshee Foundation (HDF) with the help of Urja Swaraj is trying to curb this, by creating an awareness about solar energy among various tribal groups and backward rural classes. HDF in a statement said it believes that educating them is one of the crucial steps for them to adopt a green lifestyle. In a crowd which has never seen a steady light or used a fan during the summers, we are reaching to them through various regional and local NGOs and doing our bit by giving back to the community. 

This Diwali, with the help of our Chief Guest, MLA, BALWANT WANKHADE (Daryapur & Anjangaon Surji District) HDF would be educating the Tribals of Hantoda Village, Amravati District, Maharashtra and help them transition and adopt the usage of SOLAR LAMPS. 

The NGO also said that it it trying to instill various skills for the tribals which will help them use solar energy devices in our coming programs.

The Solar Lamps are being assembled by the students of Urja Swaraj, through online classes featuring a certified “SOLAR EXPERT ” thus educating young minds to understand how solar devices work and also involving them into working for the community.

The mission of the directors of Hasu Doshee Foundation is to organize a CLEAN GREEN DIWALI and our hashtag for this event is #YehDiwaliMaineSolarBattiJalayi under Hasu Doshee Foundation’s Project – “ BATTI ”