Solar Energy to power new terminal building of MBB Airport in Agartala

solar project

The new terminal building of Maharaja Bir Bikram (MBB) Airport in Agartala will reportedly run on solar power. The building is is expected to be operational in the next three months.

Under the green development initiative the AAI is installing solar power plant of 2 MW to help meet the energy requirement of the terminal building.

Airport director Rajiv Kapoo speaking to TOI said the initial energy assessment of the new terminal is estimated to be a little more than 2MW daily for illumination, cooling, water supply and other electrical device operations, which would be supplied from non-conventional sources.

“About 1MW power is estimated for daytime while an equal amount of energy will be required at night,” Kapoor said.

He added half of the generated power from solar would feed the grid, which the AAI will use at night. If the demand goes past 2MW per day, they will pay against the use to state electricity corporation.

He said during the day, solar power would be used directly, while the excess power would be sent to the grid. “After sunset, conventional power supply would run the airport,” he said.

According to reports, Tripura Electricity Regulatory Commission has approved 2MW power for AAI.

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