Delhi Municipal corporations to set up large number of EV charging stations in the city

Delhi Municipal corporations is planning to set up a large number of EV charging stations in the city during the next one year.

According to officials in the corporation, the target is to install at-least one station in an area of 3 sqkm so that people owning electric vehicles are incentivised.

South Delhi Municipal Corporation has identified 75 locations for creating charging infrastructure, the north corporation has finalised 127 such charging points and the east corporation has shortlisted 93 locations for creating charging stations, reports TOI.

New Delhi Municipal Council has already established 55 e-charging stations and it plans to energise 45 new stations soon, the report assessing the progress of e-charging infrastructure in city states.

North Delhi Municipal Corporation mayor Jai Prakash speaking to the publication said that “Delhi has a very high density of cars and two-wheelers, which leads to very high contribution of vehicular pollution to Delhi’s air.”

He added “If a large number of commuters can be encouraged to switch to electric cars and buses, we will be able to bring about significant reduction in air pollution in the city. People want to buy electric cars but charging them remains a major concern for consumers. In coming years, we will make sure that electric charging stations are as easily available in the city as CNG and petrol pumps.”