TP Renewable Microgrid inaugurates first 5kW Bio-gas plant in Bihar


TP Renewable Microgrid (TPRMG), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Power, has inaugurated its first 5kW Bio-gas generating plant at Kamalpura (Basaitha) village in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar.

The plant commenced operations on ‘National Energy Conservation Day’, on December 14.

TPRMG constructed this plant in association with Grassroots Energy. The plant consumes cow dung which is procured from nearby villages and then it is processed through a Bio-digester to generate methane gas. This gas is then used to drive a specially designed 5kW generator to generate electricity which is fed to the adjoining 30kW microgrid generating station.

The residue of the Bio-gas plant is processed to create organic manure for the farmers.

“…we are constructively moving ahead with our agenda to be the foremost Renewable Energy Company of India and continue to support the nation to achieve its green energy goals,” Praveer Sinha, CEO & MD, Tata Power, said.

“With this low-cost energy-efficient technology to produce purified biogas in a cost-effective manner, we will address diverse market segments currently using conventional energy sources. We shall enable them to switch to low-cost Bio-gas powered electricity without lowering their performance,” said Manoj Gupta, CEO, TP Renewable Microgrid.

This Bio-Gas plant was inaugurated in the presence of the village Pradhan (Headman), the land owner, the Grassroot Energy team along with TPRMG’s team. TPRMG’s focus now lies on developing and commissioning its Bio CNG plant in rural parts of India.

Via: PTI

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