Enel X signs agreement with Weltmeister to boost electric vehicle exports

Enel X has signed an agreement with Weltmeister, the electric vehicle (EV) brand part of WM Motor Technology Co Ltd, a Shanghai-based automotive company specialized in the creation of battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Following the earlier launch of its first commercial office dedicated to e-Mobility in China, Enel X will support the development of Weltmeister’s charging infrastructure at global level, thus promoting the export of EVs as well as accelerating the development of overseas markets.

The two companies will work together in order to promote high quality and sustainable development of the EV market and the first project is scheduled to be launched in China in the first quarter of 2021.

Thanks to Enel X’s market expertise and extensive ecosystem of electric mobility solutions, Weltmeister will be able to meet the needs of international customers alongside continuously deepening its internationalization process based on the accumulated experience in promoting smart electric car products in overseas markets and on its profound insight into the needs of users as well as the application of big data.

 They will carry out multi-dimensional and in-depth strategic cooperation in areas such as smart electric car export and after-sales service, charging infrastructure matching and charging experience improvement as well as V2G technology application.

They will work together to promote the high quality and sustainable development of the smart new energy car industry and build a new ecology of green, smart travel.

This partnership is yet another confirmation for Enel X’s transition towards a fully sustainable business model, as the company is constantly seeking to collaborate globally with companies that promote long-lasting development and that are mutually creating shared value for all stakeholders,” said Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X. “The cooperation between the two companies in charging equipment, software and hardware, V2G and other aspects is a powerful alliance, which will accelerate the e-Mobility revolution.”

Under the agreement, Enel X and Weltmeister will carry out an in-depth electric mobility cooperation as Enel X will be providing smart charging solutions and one-stop after-sales services for Weltmeister Auto products exported to overseas markets, such as the European Union and Southeast Asia, as well as ensuring that relevant charging facilities meet the requirements of local charging standards, policies, and regulations.

Furthermore, the two companies will explore the integration of V2G technology in Europe, allowing customers to lower the cost of ownership of an electric vehicle while offering a potential backup power source.

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