StoreDot’s car battery can be fully charged in just five minutes

In a landmark achievement in the electric vehicle industry, Israeli based company StoreDot has announced that it has managed to develop world’s first car battery that can be fully charged in just five minutes.

According to The Guardian the invention will take time to become commercially available.

The report says that the ultra-fast charge would require much higher-power chargers than are currently available and this would delay the entire process of commercial availability.

Globally electric vehicles has been propelled by the governments in an attempts to tackle the climate crisis, however, EVs till date have major challenge of batteries taking hours to fully charge, giving rise to “range anxiety” — the fear of a battery running out mid-journey and the driver getting stranded at a charging station.

So far StoreDot has raised USD 130 million from investors including BP Ventures; Samsung Venture Investment, Daimler AG and electrical and electronics maker TDK Corporation.

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