SRIVARU Motors launches PRANA Electric Bike with unique environmental programme

Prana Electric Bike

Home grown electric vehicle startup SRIVARU Motors (P) Limited has launched its high-speed electric motorcycle Prana. Three variants of the electric bike – Class, Grand and Elite will be available. Grand and Elite have hit the markets as of now and has been priced at Rs 2.0 lakh and Rs 3.0 lakh respectively.

Deliveries of the electric bike are expected to start from March 2021 onwards.

The company signed an MOU with the Govt.of Tamil Nadu for enhancing its existing manufacturing operations in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Interestingly, the company is currently offering a discount of up to Rs 25,000 SVMCSR Green credit. To avail this discount, consumers have to plant ten tree saplings in different places and send the required proof of it to the company. This is really unique and commendable initiative by the firm, we hope more companies, be it national or international follows the footstep of SVM.

The EV startup has also announced attractive financing plans for the all-electric bike which turns out to be an EMI of Rs 5,200 per month which after three years gets limited to just electricity bills.

The all Electric bike is designed  aerodynamically to ensure low drag & safety of passengers while in sports mode, has a top speed of 123  km and can reach 0- 60 km/hr under 4 seconds. 

It is powered by a bub mounted intelligent air-cooled BLDC motor which draws its power either from a 4.32 kW or 7.2 kW 72 Volt Lithium battery.

Once fully charged PRANA Grand can travel 126 km n normal driving conditions. PRANA uses Grade A LFP battery which has good 2000 useable cycles.

The company in a statement said PRANA can travel over 300,000  Km with this battery pack,said the company. The motorcycle is consumer friendly both performance as well as  quality wise. An average bike rider driving 1500 Km/month spends INR 3000/month on petrol, around  2000-4500 on EMI taking the total expense to anywhere between INR 5000- 7,500. With PRANA all of  this calculation drops back. The EMI cost would come around 5,200/month and after three years, the  expenses reduce to just electricity bill.  

PRANA experience hub is already functioning at Coimbatore with new facilities coming up in Madurai,  Tiruppur, Pondicherry, Kozhikode, Dindigul,  Trichy, Bangalore and many more to follow… The company also plans to set foot in Chennai, Telengana,  Andhra Pradesh and many more places in Kerela. One can book PRANA from the company’s website.

The Electric Vehicle comes with three riding modes – Drive, Sports and a reverse mode. The Elite variant boasts a range of 250 km/h on single charge. SVM PRANA aims to create a new class of vehicle for the people who are using higher-end motorcycle like KTM 250/390, Royal Enfield, Yamaha, said the firm in a statement.

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