Triton EV Shares Manufacturing Plans for India

triton N4

Triton Electric Vehicle , headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey-USA, has revealed its plans to enter the Indian EV market with its manufacturing facility set up.

The company is in discussion with a few Indian states for setting up a well-equipped EV car manufacturing base in India with all the advanced technologies and state of the art infrastructure.

  • Triton EV to Create Opportunity for Over 12 Thousand MSMEs within 1st Year of Operations.
  • Triton EV Signed MoU With Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) to develop Energy Storage Systems & Electric Vehicles.

Himanshu B Patel, CEO & Founder, Triton EV in a statement said the year 2021 is very action-oriented for the company. “We have announced the availability of SUV Model H and Triton EV Sedan Model N4. Very soon, we will showcase these Triton EVs for Indian consumers.”

“We are in discussions with few authorities and states governments. Uttar Pradesh Government and Gujarat State Government representatives are proactively discussing the possibilities of Triton EV’s entry to any of these places. Our legal team evaluates the scope of EV policies of these states and strategic values for the company and product. Niti Aayog has been very supportive in ensuring all the necessary support for our Indian entry,” said Patel.

The upcoming manufacturing facility of Triton EV will produce EV Cars for India and other countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, the Middle East region and Africa. “We expect a substantial amount of export revenue from this manufacturing set up. We aim to cater to the needs of many countries for Electric vehicles from the Indian Manufacturing base,” informed Himanshu B Patel.

Recently Triton EV has signed an MoU with BEL (Bharat Electronics Ltd) to develop the batteries and EV technologies.

The two organizations will work on Energy Storage Systems & Electric Vehicles development.

“We are working on making a strong and most robust EV production centre out of India. Our manufacturing facility will not be an assembly line for the cars, but we will make and produce most of the critical products and components required to produce a best-in-class EV. The in house production capacity will differentiate Triton EV from others. However, there will be huge and massive scope for the regional MSMEs to work with us and contribute to the development of these EVs,” said Himanshu Patel.

Triton EV is involved in the Energy Storage System business ranging from transportable small battery packs to a 10 MWh battery storage unit for customers in the USA and abroad for applications like energy generation, load management, EV charging stations etc. Triton is also involved in the manufacturing of Electric Vehicles using battery technologies developed by them.

Triton also has a strong product pipeline for the defence segment. Triton’s M-Rover is a product that is ready to be utilized for defence and security forces usage. Triton is also looking into armoured vehicle editions of their Model H.

“EV Car Manufacturing facility carries the capability to transform the MSME ecosystem of its region. In an estimated calculation, the Triton EV manufacturing facility will create opportunities for over 2000 MSMEs within the first year of operations. In addition to this, over 10000 Smaller or micro-units operating in the various auto parts and auto components can expect to work with EV manufacturing companies as a vendor. So, Triton EV is set to bring an opportunity to a large number of the MSMEs wherever it is going to open it’s manufacturing operations,” commented Himanshu B Patel.

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