GWEC and champion kitesurfer Lewis Crathern team up to unleash the power of wind

The Global Wind Energy Council (“GWEC”) and champion kitesurfer Lewis Crathern announced today that they have joined forces to advocate for wind power across the world. 

Crathern is a four-time British kitesurfing champion, 2016 Vice World Champion, 8X RedBull King of the Air competitor, past winner of the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge, and Ambassador of the UK Kitesurfing Armada.

Born in West Sussex near GWEC’s TV studio in Shoreham Port, UK, Crathern has been an outspoken wind power advocate and has been visiting schools for over a decade in the UK to inspire young people about kitesurfing, career paths, and renewable energy. 

Through the new partnership, GWEC and Crathern will take this school programme global to educate the younger generation about wind power, represent GWEC and the global wind industry at global kitesurfing, wind industry, and climate events, and collaborate on further initiatives to highlight the benefits of wind power and its role in combatting the dangerous impacts of climate change.

Lewis Crathern, champion kitesurfer, commented: “When I am out on the water kitesurfing, I can’t help but feel the immense power of the wind, which has quite literally propelled my career. It has been a natural step for me to use my kitesurfing career and platform to advocate for wind and renewable energy to help inspire the next generation. Through this partnership with GWEC, I am excited to take this work to the next level by expanding my work within schools and my own knowledge of wind energy.” 

“I am thrilled to be combining my passion for kitesurfing with my passion for the environment, and working with GWEC I will be able to bring my message to important international events and forums like COP, which is something I have always wanted to do”, he added.

Ben Backwell, CEO at GWEC, said: “Kitesurfing and the wind power industry both thrive on harnessing the natural power of wind to accomplish feats which were previously thought impossible – whether that be carrying out megaloops on a kite board or powering whole countries with zero carbon energy. Watching Lewis and what he has been able to accomplish on the water is a clear reminder of just how powerful wind truly is, and I’m excited to be working with Lewis to show the world, and especially the younger generation, the power of wind.”