NVVN invites bid for Hydrogen buses for Delhi & Leh

NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam Limited (NVVN) a wholly-owned subsidiary of NTPC Ltd, has invited tenders for deploying Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses (FCEBs)  in Delhi and Leh.

The bid document sale has commenced from 30th June 2021 and will continue till 16th July 2021.

These e-buses would be zero-emission vehicles in true form, as the hydrogen would be generated from renewable energy making it a pure green initiative ushering a new era of Hydrogen based Zero Emission futuristic mobility solutions.

The green hydrogen would be supplied to the buses by the NTPC Renewable Energy Ltd. Green hydrogen is produced using renewable energy and electrolysis to split water.

Also, NVVN is providing comprehensive mobility solutions in all e-vehicle segments targeting a reduction of carbon footprint and achieving energy security.

Earlier this year, NVVN executed a turnkey project of supplying 40 e-buses and building charging stations in Andaman & Nicobar Island, a move to reduce pollution in the region.