Magenta, BSES signs MoU to deploy EV charging solutions in Delhi


Magenta, an Indian Charge Point Operator (CPO) company, will be deploying innovative EV charging solutions in collaboration with BSES Rajdhani Power Limited and BSES Yamuna Power Limited, prominent power distribution companies in Delhi. 

BSES has been forging partnerships to promote e-mobility in the national capital in line with the state and central government objectives to reduce pollution and achieve climate goals.

The EV charging solutions that will be deployed under this MoU will be customized basis the requirements of various segments of customers.

The partnership between BSES and Magenta will help in faster reaching out to the various customers, thereby leading to faster fulfillment of the end customer’s EV charging solution requirements.

This partnership also provides a unique opportunity for both entities to work towards addressing the present and future challenges in the deployment of EV charging solutions.

Significant challenges, such as low utilization of EV charging infrastructure and the long-term impact of the increase in the number of EV users on the power distribution network can be analyzed and addressed through the work carried out under this partnership.

Learnings from the implementation of new business models under this partnership will also help in improving and launching similar EV charging solutions and models in other parts of the country as well.

Magenta’s charging solutions are mobile application enabled (OCCP based) and come with numerous other customer-friendly features. All charging stations to be deployed under this partnership will be managed and operated through Magenta’s in-house software application – “ChargeGrid”.

This application enables EV customers to continuously monitor electricity usage, track wallet amount deductions during charging sessions. The customers can also track the real-time availability of the chargers and approach the nearest available charging stations for a seamless charging experience.