Battery Smart Concludes 1 Millionth Swap


Battery Smart, a battery-swapping network for electric two and three-wheelers, today announced that it has successfully completed a milestone of 1 million paid swaps. Furthermore, the company has expanded to 10 cities in India, including Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, and Panipat, and is quickly moving towards its goal of making EV adoption simple, economical, and accessible.

This is a significant milestone as it validates the growing usage and acceptance of battery swapping as an innovative clean mobility solution that offers a 40% reduction in the up-front investment borne by consumers. Additionally, with a new battery swapping policy announced as part of Budget 2022-23, battery swapping infrastructure and EV financing is set to receive heightened focus from the Government.

Speaking on the occasion, Siddharth Sikka, Co-Founder of Battery Smart, said, “Our unique battery-as-a-service model has empowered us to scale our operations at a rapid pace, growing 20X in the last 6 months. Our intelligent battery assignment technology, real-time data, and automated swap stations enable us to minimize wait times and augment drivers’ earnings by upto 100%.”

“We are very proud to announce that we have completed 1 million battery swaps, a testament to India’s rapidly growing acceptance to switch to EVs. The fact that these swaps have been completed by our paying customers, like gig workers and e-rikshaw drivers across 120+ different makes of vehicles, strengthens our belief that an interoperable battery swapping network is the most effective solution, especially for commercial two and three-wheelers,” said Pulkit Khurana, Co-Founder of Battery Smart.