EV fire incidents: Log9 CEO appeals to companies not to compromise on safety

Last week a video clip went viral on social media showing Ola S1 Pro Electric Scooter going up in a fire in the Lohegaon area of Pune, Maharashtra. Just a few days after that incident, another e-bike went up tragically in flames due to an electrical short circuit mishap in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, which eventually led to the two fatalities.

While such incidents are turning out to be a major cause of concern for EV stakeholders and customers, there doesn’t seem to be enough conversation around the same or action has been taken so far. If the safety aspect goes unchecked, this will only lead to more and more such incidents.

In reference to the above incidence  Log9 – an advanced battery-tech and deep-tech startup in a statement said that it aspires to step up to take the responsibility at this point in time to initiate and spearhead a meaningful conversation on EV safety, including proper safety protocols for EV charging and EV battery safety.

The company said that it’s InstaCharge batteries that fully charge 2Ws in 15 minutes and 3Ws in 35 minutes – are the safest EV battery in the Indian market today. Unlike inferior Li-ion EV batteries, Log9’s RAPIDX 6000 battery is designed to withstand high temperature and climate conditions without causing any safety issues. 

Dr. Akshay Singhal, Co-Founder & CEO, said  “It is very unfortunate to see the recent incidents of electric vehicles catching fire. These incidents sadly would become more common unless we develop ground-up battery technologies suitable for Indian conditions and vehicle types, and the industry must take urgent note of this. Further, it’s my humble request to all fellow companies in the EV space to not compromise safety and reliability for anything else.”