Ola CEO brutally trolled on Twitter after posting this pic

Ola Electric has been lately making headlines for all the wrong reasons. To list a few that are helping it to
stay in limelight are:-Ola’s electric scooter going up in flames, unhappy customers, poor software and
customer service.

Ola CEO and Co-Founder Bhavish Aggarwal posted this pic and he was brutally trolled on Twitter.
We are still wondering if Twitterians showed him the real pic of his “pure electric scooter”?

The founder posted a pic showcasing 5 Ola electric scooters standing in a row in the valley that is covered in
snow, likely to project how environment-friendly it is.

However, this did not go down well, people took this opportunity to tell the CEO, “boss, come down to
the ground”, you can’t escape handing over crap, and it’s not all about Dhanda ( business) if you have
to sustain in the market.

Soon after Bhavish Aggarwal posted the pic , twitterian and Ola electric users trolled the founder and flooded him
with questions and suggestions:-

Here is one user with the name @ariffsm who said ,” Ola hardware appears to be good. But
Software is very bad. I had to push the Scooter for about 1 km (I am 66 years old) to reach for charging
when the Battery level came down from 50% to 0% suddenly. Many people saw this and heard my sad
story. Unfortunately no guidance from Ola.”

Ola electric scooter problem

Another user used a movie dialog to explain current situation of Ola scooter @vijs143 “ये स्कूटर नहीं, फ़ायर
है फ़ायर”

Ola CEO Trolled for Electric Scooter fire

Here are few more :-

Believe us we are not here to blame, ultimately it’s cutthroat competition and government policy that
needs to be blamed. Even if you get gutted in fire, it’s you who is responsible not the company nor the
policymakers or the watchdogs.
Unfortunately, no one is answerable for what has happened in the past few days, the questions still
remained unanswered:-

  1. Were the batteries imported from China?
  2. Why they explode ( no shitty excuses like climate and overcharging please )?
  3. Why no R&D was done before launching these scooters?