Log9 Materials Unveils its New Range of InstaCharged EVs for Last-Mile Logistics

Bengaluru based advanced battery-technology and deep-technology startup Log9 Materials is showcasing its entire range of product offerings and its cutting-edge and indigenously-developed innovations/technology-based solutions for the EV, energy storage and other allied domains at the ongoing Green Vehicle Expo 2022.

For the first time through their participation at the Green Vehicle Expo, Log9 has unveiled new range of electric vehicles for last-mile logistics across different EV platforms – including 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers and 4-wheelers – all of which are InstaCharged by Log9’s RapidX batteries:

▪         In the e-2W segment, they are showcasing the all-new Quanta e-bike made by Gravton Motors, which holds the distinction of travelling from Kanyakumari to Khardung La successfully. It also boasts of being an all-terrain bike, which is a first in its segment.

▪         In the e-3W segment, they are showcasing the Rage+ RapidEV, a model currently existing in the market, which has proven its superiority over the competing models, given its capability get charged from 0 to 100 per cent in 35 minutes.

▪         Log9 also unveiled another e-3W cargo vehicle Grevol– which is India’s first electric 3-wheeler with a load-carrying capacity of more than electric 4Ws. Both the Rage+ RapidEV and Grevol would be powered by Log9’s newly-launched 7.7 kWH battery pack.

▪         A first-of-its-kind electric trike, Log9 in collaboration with eBikeGo, launched Velocipedo – an EV poised to redefine urban mobility in the times to come.

▪         In the e-4W segment, in collaboration with Northway Motors, Log9 unveiled a retrofitted LCV, which is claimed to be the fastest-charging 4-wheeler commercial retrofitted vehicle.

Speaking about the event, Dr. Akshay Singhal, Founder & CEO, Log9 Materials says, “The overall EV adoption in India today stands at 0.8 per cent, but the country has set goals to achieve 30 per cent EV adoption in the B2C sector and over 70 per cent adoption in the B2B segment by 2030. To achieve such ambitious goals India needs to accelerate EV adoption through technologies made for India, and also, impetus on B2B electrification should be the go-to route to take. And keeping the same in mind, at the Green Vehicle Expo thus year, we at Log9 are proud to be showcasing our complete range of vehicles for last-mile logistics and transportation along with the technology that makes our batteries 9x faster charging, 9x longer life, and most of all, the safest in the market. More importantly, this event provides us a prolific opportunity and space to highlight our brand identity, vision, technological capabilities and much more amongst relevant stakeholders and the general public at large.”

The company in a statement said that “all of the above-mentioned superlative e-vehicles under the Log9 brand arsenal are being InstaCharged using solar energy at the expo, in a bid to showcase a Net-Zero EV ecosystem wherein EVs will be powered by renewable energy. “

Besides displaying and enabling people to test drive the vehicles, the startup is also demonstrating the complete portfolio of its batteries including RapidX 2000, RapidX 6000, RapidX 8000 and RapidX 15000, and a range of stationary energy storage solutions – ZappUp 4000 and ZappUp 12000.